Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So now the blog is on twitter...

... at least I hope so. I'm sometimes a bit of a luddite when it comes to online stuff. The whole Atari generation thing sometimes gets in the way and I'm never quite sure what all the acronyms mean.

But hopefully this will mean some more substantive posts in the future, as well as more frequent postings. We'll see. Maybe even a couple of comics, too. I also want to use the blog posting for when I'm at convention as I suspect that twitter will prove to be a little too brief for all that is going on there.

Its a pretty night outside... darn moon.

Its a pretty night outside except for that darn full moon. Low sixties, clear with a gentle breeze, it would be a perfect night except for that full moon totally drowning out most of the stars in the southern half of the sky. That does suck. And it's going to suck more next month when the Perseids are up and so will the moon be. But I'll survive :)