Thursday, November 25, 2010

So I'm seriously thinking about starting / restarting the comic...

I've been working on it - off an on - for the past few months. I'd like to do it right this time with a decent comicpress theme so it looks professional :)

We'll see.. I need some kind of hobby to work on during my PhD.

Also, I'm looking for remote blogging capabilites in the new year - someplace where I can quickly upload stuff (with minimal bandwidth usage) and a couple of pics from a remote site. I'll keep everyone updated there (listens to silence).

Yeah.. "everyone" roflol.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Word Count Update

I never did update the word count after I finished the thesis this past May, so I wanted to give everyone a new "heads up" on the longest things I've ever written. Here it is:

Title Word Count Finished? Date Notes
1 Cathedral Cave 57299 y December-04
2 Three Counties (total) 41437 y April-04
3 MS Thesis… 38704 n July-09
4 Florin's Passage 30952 n May-05
5 Traffic Jam 15765 y August-03 (rewritten 2005)
6 Wiz and the Dragon 11485 n December-07
7 Foresight 9662 n May-00
8 PJ's Story 7394 y December-97 (written with Paul Steward)
9 Wiz 6516 n February-06 (history of Wiz)
10 MS Thesis Proposal 6378 y September-08
11 Geol 666 Final Paper 6339 y December-06 (for Geology 666)
12 Atmospheric Carbon, Its
Reservoirs Processes & Effects 6056 y November-06 (for Geology 488)
13 The Pit 4427 y February-99
14 Devils Hole Discovery
Trip Report 4233 n August-95
15 Babouk, Black Thunder,
Marx and Race 4389 y April-04

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'm gonna graduate!

Yaay! (I also wanted to see if the twitter-post thing still worked)

Note: It should.. but it'll take up to 1/2 hour after the blogpost.