Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Costa Maya

We went to Costa Maya today. It was Ollie and Cassies first trip to a foreign country. Despite 90+ temps and near 100% humidity they both performed admirably! I promise to post pics of Costa Maya tomorrow night as tonight is our turn to go out and have fun.
We did a Disney type to the local Mayan ruins which were impressive. And as an aside I can cross another "civilization" civ of my list. Anyway words don't do it justice so you'll just have to wait for the photos. I will relate a couple of things though - one: the ruins were over 1700 years old according to our guide and two - there isn't a fan thing to see along the whole forty five minute drive between the port and the ruins.  Nothing, Nada. All we saw was flat land and jungle. And because it's all karst there weren't even rivers or lakes. Just the occasional sinkhole.

Tommie is cozumel and the Jeep excursion with my mom. Arrival time is early so tomorrow there'll be double posts.

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