Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Staying aboard at the Grand Cayman islands

So we thought long and hard about this during our  'at-sea' day and in the end we decided to stay on board for the Grand Cayman Islands. We weren't too excited about the trip we'd planned there (a water-zoo park), we didn't really want to do the tendering to get to the island and we figured (correctly) that by staying aboard we'd have the ship to ourselves. lastly, we knew that the next day we would be going ashore to see Mayan Pyramids!

Boy were we ever correct! Ollie got to ride the Aqua Duck several times (and the other, smaller slide many many more). He also got to play in the pool as much as he wanted and he got to participate in what they called the Marshmallow Olympics. You'll have to ask him about it. We took that opportunity to catch some relaxation by the adults-only pool and to enjoy a tall beverage. All too soon the shore-leavers returned and, sadly, the boat filled up again. However, this also meant that my family came back on board and we got to hear all about their day, too.

Dinner was wonderful and quite entertaining at the 'Animator's Palate' - one of the restaurants here. We ended the day by watching 'Wreck-it Ralph' which i now need to get on DVD :)

So... pictures. No idea what order Blogger will post them in but match em' to the following captions -

- Ollie and Jack building another 'Jenga Tower' in the Concierge Lounge'. The staff there help!
- Cassie and Jeff having a chat on our balcony as we approach Grand Cayman island.
- A touristy pirate ship ride at Grand Cayman.
- Meeting Lilo and Stitch before dinner. Stitch is one of my favorite Disney characters and about the only one I'm willing to be photographed with.

So on to Mexico and the Mayans!

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