Friday, November 15, 2013

Comet ISON on 11-15-13

This is my observation of ISON at about 5:45 ET from the light-polluted city of Morgantown, WV. The conditions were a hazy pre-dawn (the sword in Orion's belt was difficult to see through binocs. ISON was not visible to the naked eye, but photographable. Attached is said photograph. ISON is circled in red. Kudos, as always, to Stellarium for helping me star-hop to find the comet.

comet ison 11-15-13

Based on the surrounding stars in the photograph I estimate the brightness of ISON's head to be about 4.75 mag. Which is awesome for a comet that was about Mag 8 a week ago and Mag 5.5 a day ago. I was not able to observe any sort of tail.

Here's a link to the photo on flickr:

Photographic details:

Camera: Canon T5i
ISO: 800
Exposure time: 15 seconds
Aperature: f/3.5


  1. Nice one. I had an estimate of 4.8 this morning.

  2. Nice pic, I tried a few days ago from the lake front here in SE MI but I did not get any visible shots of the comet! :(

  3. Thanks guys! As of the 20th, its still not visible to the naked eye here, but i can photograph it.